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Egyco’s company has transformed it into a company that includes contracting, agricultural activities, import and export

The extraordinary general assembly of El-Nasr Buildings and Constructions "EGYCO" decided to amend Article No. 6 of the company's articles of association so that the authorized capital of the company determines the name at 250,000,000 pounds, and the paid-up capital is set at EGP 179,000,000 distributed over 358 million shares, the value of each share is 5 pounds. All of them are cash shares wholly owned by the Holding Company for Construction and Development.

The extraordinary general assembly of the company, headed by Eng. Hisham Abu Al-Ata, Chairman of the Holding Company for Construction and Development, and in the presence of Eng. Ahmed Abu Shabana, CEO of the company, decided to amend Article No. 3 of the articles of association according to what was published in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Waqi’a today so that the company inside and outside Egypt undertakes contracting work for buildings and constructions. Public and private projects, as well as buildings intended for exploitation, warehouses, and underground wards, whether in a traditional way or in pre-fab and cast units, and what is related to them in the form of factories for prefabricated housing or prestressed concrete units.

And the implementation of public and private construction contracts, whether at sea or on land, such as building marine, fire and air ports, etc., in addition to covered and sanitary drainage, water and electricity networks, bridges and roads.

As well as real estate investment and real estate development from the purchase and sale of land and real estate, dividing and escorting them and establishing buildings on them for the purpose of selling or leasing.

And the implementation of financial or commercial business related directly or indirectly to the company's business and all that entails such activity in terms of commercial operations, import and export, production workshops, etc.

The extraordinary general assembly also decided the right to participate or participate in joint projects and establish companies with others, whether it is a public or private person, within the framework of laws and regulations in force in any way with bodies in Egypt or abroad.

It is also possible to accept commercial agencies in the materials and industries involved in its activity from the foreign and local company, in addition to managing agricultural projects (plant, animal and poultry production and all projects of raising birds and animals).

In addition to owning, buying, dividing, selling, renting, renting, reclamation and equipping lands with basic facilities that make them suitable for cultivation, supervising green spaces and gardens, importing and exporting the necessary equipment, tools, plants, flowers, seeds, etc. In addition to livestock breeding, poultry production, production of strains, red and white meat, milk and table eggs, all products related to this activity, feed ingredients, additives and nutritional supplements.

The General Assembly also decided to allow the company to add the marketing activity of agricultural products, and all the company's products, whether locally, or to export them to foreign markets, as well as import the supplies needed to carry out its various activities and import food commodities, especially with regard to its activities such as frozen poultry, frozen meat with import and export, live animals, animal products and milk. And supplies and fertilizer trade.