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Daily Mail: Children under 12 years old will be vaccinated with Corona vaccines within months

A report by the British newspaper "Daily Mail" revealed that children under the age of 12 years can receive the Corona Pfizer or Moderna vaccine within months within the framework of plans developed by British health officials. Government sources confirmed that studies are now underway to allow high school children to receive a single dose. .

The Sunday Times reported that vaccines could be offered to pupils as of September as part of the basic planning scenario documents prepared by British Health Authority officials, and said that the Pfizer vaccine was the most acceptable because the manufacturer was the only company so far producing experimental data for those under the age of 16. But a government source said that moderna vaccine doses can be used as well if it passes safety tests, and experts suggested that the first doses of children between the ages of 12 and 15 years should start before next September.

The source said: "The vaccination can start earlier than that if the vaccination is considered very safe, this depends on how long the organizers take."

He added, "They must be very safe because children are not at greater risk. Rather, they are only given the vaccine to protect the rest of the population, including the most vulnerable and the elderly."

For his part, Professor Adam Finn, a consultant to the British Health Authority, said that the decision will also depend on the rates of the virus over the next few months, and added: "We need to be in a position that allows us to immunize children, especially adolescents, quickly and efficiently if we need to."

Experts emphasized that if rates rose significantly, it would be a priority to vaccinate children to stop school closures next year, explaining that it is extremely important that education in the next academic year not be disrupted in any way.