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Britain allows hundreds of local Afghan employees to settle in the kingdom

The British government has announced that hundreds of Afghans, who have worked as translators or in other positions as local employees in the British government or the British army, will be allowed to settle in the UK.

"After the decision to start the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the British Prime Minister agreed with the Ministries of Defense, Interior, Housing, Communities and Local Government to speed up requests through policies," the British government said in a statement carried by the Afghan TV Channel.

Although the actual number of Afghans permitted to move to the UK in this latest plan is not yet clear, the government expects to resettle more than 3,000 people, including eligible local employees and their families.

For his part, Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that "those who may be at risk of retaliation against the Taliban have been considered ... As Western powers leave Afghanistan, the threat is constantly increasing, including targeted attacks by the Taliban."

It is noteworthy that most of those affected worked as interpreters for the British forces ... While the acceleration of plans that allow them to settle in the United Kingdom comes amid concerns for their safety with the continued withdrawal of foreign forces, which is scheduled to end on September 11, 2021.