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Breakfast cannon .. Beckham scores from midfield in the Premier League

The famous goals have unforgettable stories from the scenes of the players before and after their registration, and how those goals affected the magic of the round and remained engraved in the minds of all football fans. Throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, we provide you with a daily report entitled "Al-Iftar", in which we review the story of one of the famous goals.

Former English star David Beckham, the legend of Manchester United, scored one of the most beautiful goals in the history of the English Premier League, with a surprise shot from the middle of the field to surprise everyone.

The match was between Manchester United and Wimbledon, in the first round of the English Premier League 1996-1997 season, specifically on August 17 96, and after United remained 2-0 ahead until the 90th minute, Beckham scored his historic goal, with a long-range shot, from the borders of the line. Midfield, to be one of his most beautiful goals and one of the premier's most beautiful goals.

Beckham began his football career with Manchester United in 1992, until 2003, before moving to the ranks of Real Madrid. During that period, he played 394 games in all competitions, and scored 85 goals.