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Algerian Army Magazine: Subversive parties working to thwart the legislative elections

The Algerian Army Magazine accused subversive parties (it did not name them) of inciting employees of some sectors to launch strikes, the outward appearance of which is demanding rights and its core, to foil the upcoming legislative elections.

"Under the cover of protest movements and collective demands, the subversive parties continue their criminal and provocative operations by inciting workers and employees of some sectors to launch strikes that appear to demand rights and inwardly thwart the upcoming legislative elections, and thus bring the country into mazes," the magazine for the military establishment in Algeria said today, Tuesday, in an editorial of its new issue. She is indispensable. "

"These parties and those who were preparing bombings against citizens are two sides of the same coin, their aim is to subjugate Algeria by using all methods, exploiting all means and implementing several sabotage plans aimed at inflaming the street and spreading chaos," she added.

She indicated that those parties resorted to several means to provoke the street, including the scarcity of goods and the high prices and inciting strikes, abuse and slander against state institutions and their security forces in a desperate attempt to spread chaos and spoil the path of building a new Algeria.

The Army magazine confirmed that the process of building a new Algeria will continue despite the enemies who made a mistake in estimating their true size, and they are trying with great arrogance and stubbornness to swim against the current Algeria, land, people, history and values.

And she stressed that the Algerian army will confront all the dangers that threaten the country with firmness, determination and strong will, and stand up for them with all the strength it possesses.

In its editorial, the magazine called on all honest, loyal people not to leave Algeria vulnerable to the plots and plots of a handful of hateful traitors.

The magazine confirmed that the Algerian army leadership continues to implement the strategy of modernization and modernization it adopted with the development of the strategy of combat preparation, which is reflected in the readiness of combat units, noting that the army's determination to defend the national interest is an uncompromising design.