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A leader in the Fatah movement: We are ready for a national unity government, and relations with Hamas have not been broken

The Secretary of the Central Committee of "Fatah" movement, Lieutenant General Jibril Rajoub, confirmed that the battle of Jerusalem is still the title and that it is still on the list of targets by the Israeli fascist right, despite all the titles of victory that were achieved in the last round that showed the noblest manifestations of national unity and was restored. Of the Palestinian cause.

Lt. Gen. Rajoub explained in an interview on Palestine TV - reported by the Palestinian Wafa Agency - that the ball has become in the Palestinian stadium, pointing to the need to translate what happened into mechanisms and foundations for work based on unity of ranks and unity of purpose, wishing all political, struggle and organizational components of the Palestinian society to build on what Check and get done.

He emphasized that the battle with the Israeli occupation is still open, pointing out that the legacy of Fatah, its history, and its future, requires everyone to realize that Fatah is still a necessity and interest for the completion of the state project.

He pointed out that the titles of victory, which have to do with unity of ranks, unity of purpose, unity of means based on Palestinian nationalism, united all Palestinians in Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank, the Palestinians of 48 and the diaspora, and also united the world that Israel tried to form its awareness that it is the victim and failed.

Rajoub noted that the Palestinians are facing an important challenge, which is either to translate and build on what has been achieved, or to bring the Palestinian cause back on the waiting list of the international community, stressing that US President Joe Biden came with unprecedented steadfastness, resistance, sacrifices and heroic epics for the Palestinians.

He said that what is happening in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and what is happening in Al-Aqsa and in the West Bank cities indicates that the battle with the occupation is still open, stressing the unity of the ranks and the Palestinian goals.

Rajoub warned against offering free gifts to the Israeli right by entering into controversies and controversies, stressing that the owner of the privilege and the right is all the Palestinian people, with all their slices and components, with their steadfastness and sacrifices, which they expressed, whether within the 48 lands or in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank.

He pointed to the need to rise to the level of translating what happened with the indications and meanings of victory, which was based on national unity and unity of goals, on top of which is Jerusalem, settlement and independence and ending the occupation, stressing that what happened with Sheikh Muhammad Hussein is a flawed matter because it constitutes a national, Jerusalemite stature that has devoted itself to defending Al-Aqsa and the holy sites. .

He warned against attempts by some to exploit the state of confusion to insult the religious and national figures, stressing the need to end this language and the shame of our unitary discourse, and Rajoub called on all Fatah cadres to keep their compass towards the occupation and that whoever deviates from the text will serve Netanyahu.

He stressed that the Fatah movement is developing a two-way strategic vision. The first is for the Palestinian issue to remain on the world’s agenda through the final rallying around it, and the second direction is arranging the Palestinian internal house.

He explained that in addition to activating regional and international workers, we seek to build a national front that crowns all Palestinian struggles in all places of their presence, through organizational mechanisms related to Gaza and Jerusalem, the organization, dialogue, and defining the rules of engagement with the occupation in the future, in addition to the unity of the means of struggle.

Rajoub emphasized that the national dialogue is still the way to end the division and build the national partnership, pointing to the readiness to form a national unity government, noting that relations with Hamas have not been interrupted and that we are ready for bilateral dialogue and a comprehensive national dialogue, or to hold a conference for the general secretaries of the factions, whose top priority is to discuss Providing all the means for steadfastness in Jerusalem and al-Quds people and solving the problems of Gaza, whether they are sediments or fragments of division, or what happened in the last war, in addition to forming a national unity government.

Rajoub called on the Fatahids to realize that we are at a dangerous and critical juncture, and not to deal with any defect that might distort the compass, stressing that Fatah does not make mistakes in the sharp turns of its ideology and belief that embodies the true national creed of all factions of patriotic action.