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A Czech professional offer to the trio of Al-Ahly youth .. The planning committee is studying

A source in the Al-Ahly club revealed the arrival of a professional offer from the Czech Zizkov club, requesting to borrow the three Al-Ahly youth team "Mido Hossam, Ahmed El-Sayed and Mostafa Fawzy" during the upcoming summer transfer period.

The source confirmed that the offer reached the Al-Ahly club, and it will be submitted to the club's planning committee to decide on the matter, whether by accepting the loan offer or sticking to the three remaining in the ranks of the red team.

The source added that the Al-Ahly club administration depends on the policy of loaning its young players to European leagues in the coming period, as it intended to loan a number of players last summer, but the pandemic of the spread of the Corona virus prevented the matter from being completed.

It is noteworthy that the Czech, Michel Prokic, is responsible for the junior sector in the Al-Ahly club and agreed with the management to market the distinguished players in the youth sector in European clubs.