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8 tips that will make you avoid contracting the Coronavirus during the workday

Many of us are forced to go daily to work despite the continuing outbreak of the Corona pandemic, and the emergence of new variables that have multiplied the challenge to health systems in their war to confront the virus.

The need for workers of various professions to go out daily to their workplace and ride public transportation makes them more vulnerable to infection with the Coronavirus more than others, and according to a report published on the healthline website, there are some tips and guidelines that you must adhere to to avoid infection while you are at work:
1. Wearing a mask during work:
It is imperative to wear face masks and gloves by hand while you are at work in order to protect most parts of the body, i.e. hands and mouth, from exposure to the virus.
2. Disinfect your hands
Once at the office or your home, be sure to sterilize your hands well, so if your hands are in contact with the virus, you will not be able to enter your body, because sterilization kills the virus before it begins to harm your body, and you should also avoid touching anything when you are in a public place such as handles Doors, railings, etc., due to the virus spreading to surfaces.
3. Eat packaged food
You must prepare your food inside the home and put it in closed containers, while avoiding eating unpackaged foods and street foods while commuting to work, since street food increases the risk of infection with the Corona virus.
4. Commitment to social distancing with work colleagues
Maintain an appropriate distance with your colleagues inside the workplace, do not stand near people if you use public transportation, avoid using crowded public transportation, and avoid approaching people who are constantly coughing or sneezing.
5. Avoid touching surfaces
Since many people use public transportation regularly, the surfaces there may be contaminated, so if you touch any such contaminated surface, there are high chances of the virus entering your body.
6. Own your own water bottle
There are many cases where people have contracted the Coronavirus due to contaminated water, so make sure you carry your own water bottle.
7. Take care to strengthen your immunity
Make sure to take some medications and supplements to your body that can improve your immunity.
8. Keeping your colleagues safe
If you feel symptoms that match the symptoms of the Coronavirus, be sure to rest to prevent spreading the infection among your colleagues and to preserve their health until you are sure that you are not infected.