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5 foods that cause bad breath .. meat and coffee from them

The foods we consume can cause an unpleasant odor that spoils our day or even causes a negative impact on relationships. Below we take a look at five foods that are known to cause bad breath and can be avoided, according to a "News 18" report.

Fish and meat

The beneficial acids and bacteria in our stomachs break down fish and meat proteins into amino acids, ammonia is produced as a by-product of the process, which has a sharp, pungent smell, and ammonia is absorbed and transported through the bloodstream, to reach the lungs, and then the bad smell is released through the mouth. In particular, it causes an unpleasant odor that lingers in the mouth unless it is cooked with spices that help reduce the smell to some extent.

the Garlic

Garlic contains a high percentage of sulfur compounds that have a strong smell, and chewing garlic cloves leads to the retention of these odors in the mouth, and swallowing garlic or food containing garlic prolongs the survival of bad breath that comes from the stomach, and according to research, eating garlic leads to the production of a sulfur compound It's called an allyl methyl sulfide, which is not metabolized by our stomachs.


Onions and garlic belong to the same family of flowering plants known as alliums, such as garlic, and onions also contain a large number of sulfur compounds, and this causes bad breath for those who consume onions raw, and when they are ripe, the pungent smell and taste of onions can be reduced by soaking them in water and using spices. And vinegar.

Dairy products

It is known that consuming milk and cheese causes bad breath, because the amino acids in dairy products are broken down by the bacteria in our gums, which leads to the production of sulfur compounds that have an unpleasant odor.


Ground coffee beans cause bad breath, as coffee contains fragrant sulfur compounds, and it also contains caffeine that dries up saliva in our mouths and encourages excessive bacterial growth, which causes bad breath.