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3 ISIS elements were killed in an air strike by the international coalition in Nineveh, northern Iraq

The Iraqi Security Media Cell announced today, Sunday, the killing of 3 ISIS members, in an air strike by the international coalition in Nineveh, in the north of the country.

A statement of the cell - received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) - stated that "by order of the Joint Operations Command, the international coalition aircraft carried out an air strike against three ISIS terrorist elements, after a follow-up by the tactical force of the Falcons cell in Nineveh," adding that "the operation It resulted in killing three ISIS militants after they were surrounded in a tunnel that was destroyed by the international coalition warplanes. "

Today, Sunday, the Security Information Cell in Iraq announced that the security forces carried out two security operations, in the context of pursuing terrorist organizations and preventing them from compromising the security of citizens in Anbar Governorate.

The cell - in a statement reported by the Alsumaria News channel - stated that a force from the Anbar Operations Command in the area north of Kilo 160 managed to find a cave containing a pile of weapons for ISIS gangs.

The statement added that a force of the same command in the first Shehabi area, Karma district, managed to find 12 explosive devices in the form of a plate and 20 explosive devices in the form of a gas hero.

The Iraqi forces, from time to time, carry out continuous tracking and pursuit operations for ISIS cells and terrorist groups in the country, resulting in the arrest of leaders and members of the terrorist organization, as well as those wanted in various cases.