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The Tunisian Ministry of Interior announces that several illegal immigration attempts have been thwarted in 4 states

The Tunisian Ministry of the Interior announced today, Saturday, that the National Guard forces in the states: “Kasserine, Sfax, Nabeul, and Baja” managed to thwart several illegal immigration attempts across the country's land and sea borders.

The ministry stated - in a statement - that a joint patrol in the state of Kasserine managed to arrest 22 people with the nationality of one of the Arab countries in the process of surreptitiously crossing the land borders .. And the Border Guidance Division in Kasserine also arrested Tunisian citizens and others Algerians after crossing the border surreptitiously towards Algeria.

A national guard patrol in the state of "Sfax" managed to seize a marine boat with 11 people on board, in connection with illegal immigration to Europe, including the organizer of the operation and a person wanted for arrest on other charges.

A National Guard patrol in Nabeul state caught a boat with 6 people on board, who were about to carry out an illegal immigration to Europe .. In addition, another patrol in the state arrested two people and seized a rubber boat that they were intending to use to cross the maritime border by sneaking.

The statement added that the search and inspection team of the National Guard in the state of Beja managed to catch an Algerian citizen, accompanied by a Tunisian, while they were crossing the land border surreptitiously. Legal measures have been taken in their regard.