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The third shipment of Corona vaccine arrives in the Libyan capital, Tripoli

The Government of National Unity in Libya announced today, Friday, the arrival of the third shipment of the Russian "Sputnik V" vaccine to the capital, Tripoli, and the page of the National Unity Government on "Facebook" published scenes showing the arrival of a plane loaded with doses of "Sputnik V", and some of the unloading operations .

According to the statement announced by the Libyan government, according to "Sputnik", "The third shipment of the virus Covid-19 vaccine arrived at Maitika International Airport, which is the second type of Sputnik V, and the number of doses in this shipment is 100 thousand doses."

The statement added: "During the next few days, a campaign to vaccinate the most vulnerable groups, such as doctors in isolation centers, as well as medical staff, elderly citizens and those with chronic diseases, will start during the next few days."

The Government of National Unity called on all citizens to register through the system of the national campaign for vaccination against the emerging corona virus on its website in order to obtain an appointment for vaccination.