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The Syrian Constitutional Court receives the written affidavits fund from the People's Assembly

The Syrian Supreme Constitutional Court received the Written Support Fund from the People's Assembly, which contains the supports granted by the members of the Council to the 51 candidates, including 7 women.

The president of the court, Muhammad Jihad al-Lahham, confirmed - in a statement, reported by the Syrian News Agency "SANA" today, Thursday - that after receiving the written support fund from the People's Assembly, the court will study all applications for candidacy and decide on them within the five-day legal period.

Al-Lahham explained that the General Authority of the Supreme Constitutional Court has been in a permanent session since the door for candidacy for the President of the Republic was opened since Monday the 19th of April until today, and it will meet and study all files for candidacy applications in addition to the written confirmations of the members of the People's Assembly that each candidate obtained and will decide within. The legal period specified is five days.

Al-Lahham added, the court will conduct the legal examination and study of the files for candidacy applications and issue its decision in the names of the candidates whose nominations the court decided to accept that meet the constitutional and legal requirements stipulated in the constitution, the law of the Supreme Constitutional Court, the General Election Law, its amendments, and its executive instructions.

Al-Lahham said that the court will issue its decision with the initial announcement within the legal period of five days, and it will look at the full number of candidates whose nominations were accepted and whose nominations were rejected as well.

It is noteworthy that the door to accept applications for candidacy in the presidential elections was closed yesterday, as the number of applicants to run for the post of President of the Republic reached 51 candidates, including 7 women.

The President of the Syrian People’s Assembly, Hammouda Sabbagh, announced the opening of the door for candidacy for the presidential elections, in implementation of the provisions of the constitution, from Monday the 19 of this month until the end of the official working hours from yesterday, Wednesday.