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The Somali army arrests elements of Al-Shabaab militia in the Central Shabelle region

Today, Monday, the Somali armed forces and peacekeepers of the African Union in Somalia "AMISOM", in a joint military operation, arrested a number of elements of the "Al-Shabab" militia associated with Al-Qaeda in the Gululi region of the Central Shabelle region.


The leadership of "AMISOM" said in a tweet on "Twitter" carried by the Somali News Agency, that the arrested elements were handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigations.


The military operation carried out by the joint forces aimed to clear the road between Mogadishu and Jawhar.


The Somali army's efforts came after Al-Shabaab militants set up an ambush that resulted in the death of a Somali army officer in a terrorist bombing. Last week, individuals on a bus were killed in the detonation of a landmine in the areas separating the capital Mogadishu and the city of Jowhar, capital of Hershbeli state.