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The price of gold and currencies in Saudi Arabia today, Thursday

Currency rates in Saudi Arabia witnessed today, Thursday 4/15-2021, a marked divergence against the Saudi riyal, and the US dollar settled at a price of 3.75 Saudi riyals and 1 Saudi riyal at 0.27 US dollars, while the price of the euro rose 1 euro to record 4.49 Saudi riyals against its price yesterday It was 4.48 Saudi riyals, compared to Wednesday's prices.


In a related context, the price of the Saudi riyal witnessed today, Thursday 4/15-2021, against the Egyptian pound, a remarkable stability compared to the prices of Wednesday, so that its price in the National Bank is stable at 4.15 pounds for purchase, and 4.19 pounds for sale, and in the "Alexandria" bank, it scored 4.11 Pounds to buy, and 4.20 pounds to sell.


The currency rates today in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are as follows:

United States dollar (USD)

1 US dollar is recorded as 3.75 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal is recorded at 0.27 US dollars.

Euro (EUR)

1 euro is recorded at 4.49 Saudi riyals, compared to its price yesterday, it was 4.48 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal records 0.22 euros.

Japanese Yen (JPY)

1 Japanese yen records 0.03 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal is recording 29.00 Japanese yen, compared to yesterday's price of 29.04 Japanese yen.

Egyptian Pound (EGP)

1 Egyptian pound records 0.24 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal records 4.19 Egyptian pounds.

United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

1 UAE dirham records 1.02 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal records 0.98 UAE dirhams.


The gold prices today in Saudi Arabia in Saudi riyals are as follows:

The price of gold is 24 carat

About 210.57 riyals, equivalent to $ 56.15

The price of gold is 22 carat

About 193.03 riyals, equivalent to $ 51.47

The price of gold is 21 carat

About 184.25 riyals, equivalent to $ 49.13

The price of gold is 18 carat

About 157.93 riyals, equivalent to $ 42.11

The price of gold is 14 carat

About 122.83 riyals, equivalent to $ 32.75

The price of gold is 12 carat

About 105.29 riyals, equivalent to 28.07 $

The price of an ounce of gold

About 6,549 riyals, equivalent to $ 1,746

The price of the gold pound

About 1,474 riyals, equivalent to $ 393.04

The price of a kilo of gold

About 210,572 riyals, equivalent to $ 56,148