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The President of Ukraine: The appropriate date and place for a meeting with Putin are being coordinated

Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky, announced today, Monday, that his meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will take place, and that he has assigned his office to coordinate the date and place of this meeting.

Zelensky said, during a press conference reported by the "Russia Today" channel - "All matters indicate that the meeting will take place, and we have suggested that the meeting be held in Donbas and that President Putin confirmed his desire to hold a meeting, but he suggested that it be held in Moscow, and we will communicate with President Putin's administration for understanding and determination." A suitable date and place for both parties to hold the meeting. "

Zelensky stressed that he is interested in the content of the meeting, and that the venue of the meeting is a matter of details only, indicating that he is ready to discuss with Putin the issue of the status of Russian-speaking Ukrainians and the issue of the Orthodox Church.

For his part, the spokesman for the Russian presidency, Dmitry Peskov, said that he did not have any details about the upcoming meeting between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents.