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Tariq Tawfiq, president of the American Chamber of Commerce by acclamation, as of next May

The American Chamber today announced the new nominations for the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo and the leadership of the Chamber to assume the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors for a new two-year term starting next May.


According to what the chamber announced, the candidate who won the presidency by acclamation, Tariq Tawfiq, while David Shi, Executive Vice President and Tariq Muhanna, Executive Vice President, ran and won by acclamation.


In addition to the nomination and victory of Suha Ali, Vice President for Membership, Amr Allam, Vice President of Programs, nominated and won, Jamal Abu Ali, Vice President for Legal Affairs nominated and won, and Hatem Al-Azzawi, Treasurer, was nominated and won.


Ahmed Issa, Sarah Al-Batouti, and Sherif El-Khouly also ran for membership and won it by acclamation.


It is noteworthy that every two years a new council is elected to the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo.