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Study: Maintaining healthy gums reduces the chances of infection with corona

A new study revealed that cleaning teeth and maintaining gum health may reduce the risk of infection with Corona infection, and scientists in the Journal of Oral Medicine and Dental Research confirmed that the coronavirus can be transmitted to people's lungs from saliva, with the virus entering the bloodstream through the infected gums, Instead of the airways, and this may explain why people who suffer from poor oral hygiene are at greater risk of developing severe cases of corona, according to the British newspaper, "Metro" website.

And a team of researchers from the United Kingdom, South Africa and America recommended that steps be taken to maintain oral hygiene and reduce gum disease, and these steps include: Clean teeth carefully and use a sterile mouthwash.

Professor Ian Chapple, from the University of Birmingham in Britain, said that attention to oral and gum hygiene may explain why some people contract corona and not infect others, and this could also change the way we manage the virus - by exploring cheap or even free treatments that target the mouth.

He explained that "gum disease causes viruses to leak, which allows microorganisms to enter the blood. Simple measures, such as carefully cleaning teeth and flossing between teeth to reduce plaque accumulation, along with mouthwash .. reduce the concentration of the virus in saliva." And it helps reduce the progression of lung diseases and reduces the risk of severity of Corona symptoms. "

The research team that conducted the study consisted of experts from Salisbury County Hospital in Britain, University of Birmingham, UK. And the Oral and Body Research Institute in Los Angeles, USA, and Cape Town, South Africa.

The virus travels from the blood vessels in the gums, passes through the veins of the neck and chest - and reaches the heart before being pumped into the pulmonary arteries and small vessels at the base and around the lung.