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Strong confrontations in the second rounds of the second round of the men volleyball league finals

During the day, Friday, strong confrontations will be held in the framework of the second round of the second round of the men's volleyball league finals for the local season 2020/2021.

This tour witnesses meetings between Airmen with Sporting and Al-Etihad of Alexandria with Al-Tarsana, Al-Jaysh vanguards with Heliopolis, Al-Ahly with Petrojet and Zamalek with Smouha, while the Interior Ministry's meeting with the channel was postponed due to Corona cases in the ranks of the latter.

Over the course of last Monday, 3 important confrontations took place within the framework of the first round, with the start of the second round of the men's volleyball league finals for the local season 2020/2021, which witnessed the victory of: Al-Jaysh Al-Jaish against Petrojet with a score of 1/3, and Sporting over Al-Dakhiliya 2/3, Arsenal on aviation 1/3.

While it was decided to postpone the match between Zamalek and Al-Qanat, as part of this round; Due to the emergence of Corona cases in the Channel Club, and the Heliopolis meeting with Al Ittihad of Alexandria was postponed in the same round, due to the emergence of Corona cases also in the ranks of Heliopolis and Al-Ahly with Smouha, due to the death of the mother of the player Muhammad Al-Husseini Issa, the Egyptian national team player, Al-Ahly club, Zamalek and the former army and Smouha Club currently, and his brother Abd Rahman Al-Husseini Issa, the player of the Egyptian national team and Al-Ahly club.

Ayman Ghazlan, a member of the Board of Directors of the Interim Committee of the Volleyball Association Acting Executive Director, revealed that clubs are obligated to follow the precautionary measures code sent by the Ministry of Sports in the new season to preserve the safety of players, coaches and administrators, as required by the Volleyball Federation, headed by Sameh Hamdy, Chairman of the Interim Committee Al-Ittihad must, in the new season's instructions bulletin, injure 3 key players in the same team in order to postpone matches in the League Finals.

The Corona pandemic instructions bulletin witnessed the necessity to implement a social distancing system and immediate isolation for any suspected infection with the Coronavirus.