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Speaker of the Jordanian Senate: Some took advantage of the economic situation to sow discord

The head of the Jordanian Senate, Faisal Al-Fayez, said that Jordan is suffering economically and some have exploited its economic situation to sow discord among the Jordanian people and create chaos, yet the people have rallied around the king despite the presence of a few who are trying to sow discord and stir up chaos, but the Jordanian state has dealt with the issue wisely and deliberately.

Al-Fayez added - in an interview with Russia Today news channel - that "Jordanian King Abdullah II paid the price for his political stances regarding the Palestinian issue, and some sought to weaken Jordan's role and create chaos in it."

On the parties involved in what happened in Jordan recently, he said, "There are external parties and interference ... the Jordanian monarch paid the price for his nationalist positions, rejecting the deal of the century and his stance on the Palestinian issue, in addition to not being subject to American policy regarding the Middle East during the era of former President Donald Trump."

Al-Fayez affirmed that Jordan has an important role in the stability of the region. If chaos occurs in Jordan, this will spread to the rest of the region. Even the West knew Jordan’s geopolitical status, its position and the importance of its stability, but the Trump administration was not interested in stability in Jordan and they did not believe that this stability concerns the western countries and the European Union. Southeast Asia, China and Japan.

With regard to the relationship of the Kingdom of Jordan with Saudi Arabia, Al-Fayez stressed that there are solid and solid relations with Saudi Arabia and brotherly and strategic relations, and in recent events Saudi Arabia supported Jordan, King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman provided support to the Jordanian monarch and stood by Jordan, also pointing to The support and support provided by the Islamic World League, the Gulf Cooperation Council and many countries, and this indicates that Jordan has an important and strategic role.