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Side effects of make-up .. including clogged pores and eye infections

The daily makeup products that you use can cause skin problems because there is a barrier between your skin and the oxygen that cannot pass through the make-up layer causing pathogens to enter your skin, and makeup makes women more susceptible to skin infections because they use beauty products are very common examples of this. , The skin pores are clogged, which leads to various problems, as a dermatologist in India mentioned the damages of wearing makeup, according to the "only my health" site.

Clogged pores:

Using cosmetics on a regular basis and leaving them for long hours can clog the pores of our skin for that, because the skin becomes unable to breathe properly which leads to the formation of acne and bumps.

Premature aging:

Wearing makeup can lead to wrinkles, early signs of aging can appear for those who tend to wear makeup and walk out.

Hormonal imbalance:

 Using makeup can lead to a hormonal imbalance.


 Trademark change in the case of skin care harms the face, and there are harmful chemicals present in makeup products that increase sensitivity.

Color changes:

Using makeup can damage your skin so that your natural skin tone will change.

Eye infections:

 Make-up is used on the entire face, including your eyes and eyelids, eyes are very sensitive to any other foreign particle, and since beauty products contain types of chemicals, there are always chances of eye infections.