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Set a date for the trial hearing of the former Italian interior minister on charges of kidnapping migrants

An Italian judge said today, Saturday, that Matteo Salvini, the former interior minister and leader of the right-wing "Northern League" party, will be brought before a court for his involvement in the kidnapping of a group of immigrants.

Today, Saturday, Judge Lorenzo Janelli decided to fulfill the request of Palermo City Prosecutor, Francesco Le Foy, to prosecute the Minister of the Interior and the former Deputy Prime Minister in the case of the ship Open Arms.

The trial in this case, according to the judicial decision, will start in Palermo on September 15th.

In this case, Salvini faces charges of exceeding his powers and kidnapping a group of people, by detaining 147 migrants rescued on average by the ship Open Arms of the Spanish non-governmental relief organization of the same name, at sea, for a period of six days in August 2019.

The lawsuit was filed against Salvini by 18 organizations and institutions, including Open Arms and the municipality of Barcelona, ​​and Salvini strongly rejected all the accusations against him, saying that "defending the homeland is a sacred duty of the citizen."