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Robertson: We have to put Modric and Kroos under pressure and make their movement uncomfortable

Andy Robertson, the player of the English professional Liverpool team in its ranks, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, confirmed that the Reds' performance in the Champions League quarter-final first-leg defeat last week against Real Madrid lacked the strength that formed the cornerstone of their success during recent seasons.

"Real Madrid is one of the best teams in controlling matches. When they are victorious, they have the likes of Modric and Kroos who can stand on the ball for what looks like 10 minutes and it cannot be eliminated," Robertson added.

He continued: "We have to put these players under pressure, and we need to put them all under pressure, and to make their move a little more uncomfortable than we did last week, and I felt as if we gave them all a long time on the ball, and if we lost the ball we need to get it back quickly and we must." "We are pressing at the highest level, and that is the basis for all our good matches. And when we look at all the big games we played and all the good games we played, it was because of the good pressure."

We need to work hard and we want everyone to do it, and players are always ready to do it, so I have no doubts about that, but it's just about trying to get close to the ball. We know that when we play like this we can get hurt. The difference, we can learn the lesson from facing going that and hopefully we can do better. "