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Researchers have found a new treatment technology to remove the Alzheimer's protein in the brain

A study issued by the University of Tokyo has reached a new treatment technique based on immunotherapy to combat Alzheimer's disease, after finding a small molecule inside the brain that can get rid of the protein clumps that cause Alzheimer's disease, according to what is reported on the Medical Express website.

The study confirmed that the discovered molecules are activated by light and when that happens they can get rid of the amyloid protein clumps in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.


The researchers injected the molecule directly into the brains of live mice with Alzheimer's disease, and then used a specialized probe to shine a light on their brains for 30 minutes a day for one week, as chemical analysis of the mice's brain tissue showed that the treatment succeeded in reducing the amyloid protein that causes Alzheimer's disease.

The researchers aim to come up with a new technology targeting the amyloid protein to enhance its removal by the immune system, as the small molecule developed by the research team is known as the photocatalyst for oxygen, which works to treat Alzheimer's disease.


The therapeutic technique is based on stimulating this molecule using near infrared light, to remove amyloid protein by the immune cells of the brain that remove the damaged cells and outside the healthy cells.