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Ramadan fasting .. Is it safe to have a cup of coffee at the pre-dawn meal?

Eating a cup of coffee is one of the most important goals of those fasting after breakfast, because they want to get the doses of caffeine that the body misses throughout the day, and according to a report published on the Healthline website, it is necessary to choose the right time to drink coffee, because drinking it at the wrong time will affect your body because coffee stimulates Stomach secretion and stomach acid, and in some cases it will also cause dehydration during fasting hours.

The report emphasized the need to avoid drinking coffee after breakfast and at the pre-dawn meal as well, because drinking coffee immediately after breakfast can greatly increase a person's stomach acid, and the desired cup of coffee also acts as a catalyst for diuresis if we eat it during the pre-dawn meal. It causes dehydration easily, and that cup of coffee will disrupt your biological sleep pattern.

The report pointed to the need to avoid consuming coffee in the middle of the night because it will affect your sleep, as it often increases the possibility of insomnia, so the safest option is to consume it in the period between after breakfast and midnight.


The report stated, that consuming 50-200 mg of caffeine does not negatively affect the human body in the absolute, stressing that coffee has some health benefits as it stimulates blood circulation and contains antioxidants that work to destroy cancer cells.