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Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques: 500 security cadres to support organizational and health services at the Grand Mosque

Within the framework of the efforts of the Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve the guests of the Noble Sanctuary, members of the Civil Security Guards at the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque participated during the blessed Ramadan season in supporting the service system inside the Grand Mosque and its external facilities, through 500 individuals working together according to A clear methodology, and well-thought-out plans, aimed at strengthening the system of organizational and security services provided at the Grand Mosque during the holy Ramadan season.

The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs, through its Twitter account, published pictures of the work of civil security guards, while Fayez bin Abdulrahman Al-Harithi, Director of the General Administration for Security Affairs, confirmed during a tour with the General Administration of Information and Communication that all security and safety operations at the Grand Mosque and the external facilities of the Presidency are managed according to a clear methodology ; It ensures the implementation of the security and safety requirements in their optimal form, preserving the safety and security of its intents, employees and property, and protecting it from theft, assault, or any material and moral damages to it.

And in his statements to the Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques website, he indicated that the administration in the blessed month of Ramadan is about following up the implementation of precautionary measures at the Grand Mosque and the departments operating in it To ensure that employees adhere to the precautionary measures, preventive measures and health requirements, and to provide stickers and sterilizers inside the corridors and main entrances of the campus.

He added: "The tasks of the General Directorate of Security and Safety during the exceptional season are characterized by diversity and comprehensiveness, as imams of the Grand Mosque are accompanied during the prayers and the corridors and chapels are organized on the ground floor and the first floor of the third Saudi expansion, through joint coordination with the relevant authorities, and the organization of the funeral chapel and the two rak'ah prayer hall. Facilitating movement in Jabal Al-Safa, prohibiting prayer or gathering behind the shrine, directing them to designated chapels, and maintaining the absence of all corridors and elevators in the Holy Mosque of Mecca from any obstacle to movement.

Qualified cadres to protect individuals or public facilities undertake early detection of potential sources of infection with the Coronavirus in the work environment, periodic detection of the work and effectiveness of firefighting systems, in accordance with global safety regulations and instructions, implementation of a weather fluctuation plan, and ensuring safety aspects in isolated and construction areas, in addition to To prepare comprehensive periodic reports on the observations monitored periodically and to convert them to improve the outputs of the General Administration of Security and Safety.