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Oil prices are recorded at $ 67.24 for Brent and $ 63.74 for US crude

Oil prices recorded today, 67.24 dollars a barrel for Brent crude futures, and US West Texas Intermediate crude futures were recorded at 63.74 dollars a barrel.


Oil prices rose to their highest level in four weeks yesterday, Thursday, thanks to positive data on the US economy and expectations of increased demand from the International Energy Agency and OPEC as countries recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Middle East News Agency.


The "OPEC +" group cuts production by about seven million barrels per day to support prices.


The "OPEC +" group had reached an agreement on a gradual increase in oil production as of May, by increasing production by 350 thousand barrels per day in May, the same in June, then 400 thousand barrels per day in July.