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Oh captain, will you break the fast? Muhammad Omara: Molokhia with rabbits

Athletes always differ in their choice of types of food at the Ramadan breakfast table, some of them like soft drinks, such as juices, soups and grills to maintain their weight, and others choose a rich breakfast such as stuffed grape leaves and many delicious foods, but in the midst of maintaining their weight. "He communicates with sports stars in various games to find out their meals on the breakfast table every day in the month of Ramadan and every day we offer you a new star to find out his breakfast meal, and today the meeting will be with Muhammad Emara, the former Al-Ahly star, who revealed the breakfast that he will eat on the seventh day of the month of Ramadan, confirming Today he will take up Molokheya with Rabbits.

Amara said that he very much loves the religious and social Ramadan customs, whether for Tarawih prayers or iftar with relatives and friends.


Amara is keen in the month of Ramadan to communicate with his friends and family, while maintaining precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus.


Amara is also keen to eat breakfast at his home, accompanied by his sons and his wife, more than he spent, especially in light of preserving the precautionary measures.