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Next Sunday .. The deadline for submitting complaints requests to those who were rejected in the fourteenth announcement

May Abdel Hamid, CEO of the Social Housing Fund and Real Estate Financing Support, confirmed that next Sunday, the last opportunity to submit grievance requests to those who were rejected in the fourteenth announcement of the Social Housing Project, due to the failure to complete the required and incomplete documents to amend their position from non-applicable to applicable.


She explained that the first batch of screening and preliminary examination of documents and data recorded by citizens through the official website of the fund has been completed, and it included more than 90% of the total requests of the filled and registered detainees with 276340 applications, to determine those who are applicable to the conditions and those who are not subject to the conditions, in accordance with the previously announced controls. Announcement and brochure of conditions.


She added that the results of the screening up to date of the requests of clients who paid the reservation provider for the housing units and registered their requests on the fund’s website, resulted in 187,471 requests initially meeting the conditions, and 88,869 requests not meeting the conditions in principle, and 27,632 documents are being examined and sorted. Initially, to determine their compliance with the conditions.



May Abdel Hamid indicated that it is possible to inquire about the results of the screening and screening through two methods: the first is by entering the electronic link (, where the checkpoint enters his national number, and presses "result Sorting "to find out his position, which is limited to 3 possibilities, the first of which is:" applicable ", the second:" not applicable "and the reasons for non-applicability, and the third:" the number not registered ", for the citizens whose documents are being examined and sorted up to date, and the second method will be from While the citizen sends a text message containing his national number to the number "9311", in exchange for the service fee of 3 pounds, the fund will send text messages to citizens who do not meet the conditions, including the results of the sorting and the subsequent procedures followed by them.


The CEO of the Fund emphasized that the grievances of citizens who were found not to be applicable to both the age and income conditions (minimum and maximum) at the time of submission and previously announced in the terms of reference are not accepted, as for below that, the citizen can complete documents or incomplete data during the period specified for receiving grievances. Or to sign the declaration and reservation form in the event that the signatures are not fulfilled, and the grievance request is sent electronically only - and not through any other means - by entering the national number of the detainee that does not meet the conditions of the applicant on the link ( .eg / complaints), accompanied by the required documents, and the fund will study the grievance sent, review the documents and data required to be completed, and publish the result immediately or a month after the grievance is closed, as a maximum.


She added that in the event that the grievance request is accepted by citizens who are not currently or during the coming period, the first quarter of the quarterly payments due will be paid before the end of next May 2021, and those who wish to have more details or any questions or inquiries should contact the phone numbers. For the Fund's customer service center: 1188 - 5999 - 5777 - 1188 from any mobile phone and 090071117 from any land line from nine o'clock in the morning until five in the evening, all days of the week except on Fridays and Saturdays.


May Abdel Hamid indicated that the opening of the reservation door had already been announced in the first phase of the presidential initiative - housing for all Egyptians (1) for low and middle income, from Sunday, November 1, 2020, until Thursday, December 31, 2020, and the volume of demand and demand for the announcement exceeded all Expectations, as the number of citizens paid the reservations for the seriousness of the reservation amounted to more than 312 thousand citizens, and nearly 304 thousand citizens paid the advances of the seriousness of reservation and registration on the Fund's website.