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Mohamed Maarouf and Ashour are two candidates for the video referee in the summit match

The referees committee of the Football Association decided to decide between the duo Mohamed Maarouf and Mahmoud Ashour for the role of the VAR referee in the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, next Sunday, at the Cairo International Stadium, which was postponed from the fourth week of the life of the General League.


It was finally decided to hold the match with an Egyptian refereeing team, after the Football Association refused to assign the match to a foreign referee team based on the desire of Al-Ahly and Zamalek clubs.


The Football Association issued an official statement confirming its position and adherence to Egyptian referees for the next two summit matches between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the league.


The text of the statement reads as follows: “The Egyptian Football Association reaffirms its great confidence in Egyptian arbitration and its referees, who are considered the best in the African continent, and this is the matter that the Egyptian Federation relies on in its management of its local competitions, which makes the Egyptian referee the best option to manage the next summit meeting. Within the Premier League competition.


The Egyptian Football Association confirms that despite its respect for seeing the elements of the competition each, the current time is the most appropriate to return again to entrust the task of managing the summit match to the Egyptian referees who always receive all the appreciation in the African competitions that are present in its matches in its various championships in a permanent, positive and effective manner.


The Egyptian Federation hopes that its competent referees will find appropriate encouragement from all parties, as this improves the game.


The Egyptian Football Association, while emphasizing these meanings, sets its sights on the interests of all parties to the competition, the interest of the competition itself and the extent of its influence on Egyptian football in general, and in an effort to place it in its appropriate position on the world level, as it celebrates this year the 100th anniversary of its inception. Which makes it in the ranks of advanced and the focus of attention of many countries.


All these positive meanings make the Egyptian Federation confident of the support of all parties at all levels for this approach, which is time to adhere to it.