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Moamen Zakaria participates in handing over the Arab Gulf Cup to Al-Ahly Youth

Moamen Zakaria, the star of Al-Ahly, participated in the handing over of the UAE Arabian Gulf Cup to the Shabab Al-Ahly Dubai team, which won the title after winning a penalty shootout at the expense of its counterpart Al-Nasr team in the match that was held between them this Friday evening at the "Sharjah Stadium".

The UAE Professional League honored Moamen Zakaria, the former Al-Ahly player, on the sidelines of the Arab Gulf Cup final between Al-Ahly and Al-Nasr teams, after the UAE Football Association invited Moamen Zakaria to attend the final of the Arabian Gulf Cup, and hand over the championship cup to the winning team.

The invitation to the former Al-Ahly star comes in order to support the believer Zakaria and tighten his arms so that he quickly returns to the stadiums and raises his spirits, in light of the injury he has suffered for a long time.

Moamen Zakaria suffers from a rare disease, which is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in the muscles, which caused him to stay away for a long time, and he is undergoing treatment in order to return to the stadium again.

The original time of the match between the two teams ended in a goalless draw, prompting the two teams to resort to penalties to settle the title winner.

The mouse technique succeeded in canceling the decision to count a penalty kick that the referee had calculated in favor of Masharibov, the player of Shabab Al-Ahly.

Brazilian Globier Lima became the first player from Al-Nasr club to be sent off during a match in the final of the Arabian Gulf Cup, after the referee raised the red card in the face in the match.