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Maran Al-Ismaili .. The appearance of 19 players and the absence of the main players

The training of the first football team in Ismaili witnessed the participation of only 19 players, following the decision of the technical director Ihab Jalal to grant the players who participated in the last game Al-Masry and ended with the victory of the Dervishes a 48-hour rest.


The Ismaili Maran was attended by: Muhammad Sobhi, Muhammad Magdy, Mustafa Al-Zinari, Medhat Faqousa, Ziad Tariq, Radwan Sharifi, Muhammad Sadiq, Abdel-Rahman Magdy, Shilongo, Mahmoud Dunga, Muhammad Al-Shamy, Imad Hamdy, Mustafa Faris, Medhat Faqousa, Omar Al-Wahsh, Nader Ramadan, Muhammad Hashem, Ahmed Mustafa, I see Babel.


Ihab Galal, the technical director, was keen to hold a motivational session with the players, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate with the team, which depends on the feedback provided by each player in the training.


The training focuses on a set of technical and written sentences, most notably the exercises of acquisition, delivery and surrender, before concluding with an enthusiastic division.