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Mahdi Suleiman is close to returning to the Pyramids collective training

Al Mahdi Suleiman, the Pyramids goalkeeper, is close to returning to participate in the collective training of his team, after the goalkeeper was running his training alone against the background of the crisis that arose between the Mahdi and his club due to non-participation.

On Tuesday, the Pyramids training witnessed the presence of Mahdi Suleiman, who asked to participate in the training, which was approved by the management of his club and allowed him to participate naturally, especially the guard, rehabilitative exercises under the supervision of the loads plan.

It is expected that the coming days will witness the return of Mahdi Suleiman to train with his fellow guards in Pyramids, in order to work to restore his level and wait for his fate to be determined at the end of the season.

Al-Mahdi Suleiman had filed an official complaint with the Egyptian Football Association against his club, claiming that he was excluded from participating in group training during the last period.

The Pyramids goalkeeper has previously stated that the relationship with his club has reached a dead end, especially after he was excluded from participating and relying on Sherif Ikrami, which angered the goalkeeper and prompted him to make fiery statements.

Al-Mahdi Suleiman became a candidate to support Al-Ahly's Areen’s guarding next season, in light of the desire of the Planning Committee at the Red Castle to sign a new goalkeeper, and Pitso Musimani, the technical director, approached the need to find a strong alternative to Mohamed El-Shennawi, the main goalkeeper.