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Lebanese Police: We will tighten control over violations of the curfew during Easter

 The Security Forces in Lebanon (the police) announced that it will tighten the process of controlling violations of the curfew decision during the Easter period for Christian denominations that follow the Eastern calendar, which will take effect from the 5th dawn of tomorrow, Saturday, until the dawn of next Tuesday.

The competent Lebanese authorities had taken a decision to ban curfews during the Easter holiday period, and to impose an almost complete lockdown in the country for a period of 3 days, in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus and curb the epidemic outbreak.

And it was decided to limit the curfew to people who were excluded according to the nature of work (the army, security agencies, workers in the medical and health sectors, the press and the media), as well as people who obtained prior permission to move from the online platform designated for this matter for the purposes of shopping, buying food and medicinal needs, and refueling.

The Lebanese authorities are pursuing an approach aimed at limiting the spread of the Corona epidemic, which is based on the complete closure of the country during holidays only to reduce the movement and movement, in order to avoid a repetition of the "catastrophic scenario" that Lebanon witnessed during the Christmas and New Year period, where the mixing of families and relatives led to their gathering in Homes, as well as in restaurants, nightclubs and other closed places that witnessed New Year's celebrations, led to a widespread outbreak of the epidemic among the Lebanese.