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Learn the early signs of long-term symptoms of Corona, the most prominent of which is a persistent cough

Studies have revealed that more than 50% of Corona patients with mild and moderate symptoms may continue to experience medical complications 6 months after infection, however, it is important to pay attention to early warning signs to identify long-term symptoms of Corona, according to the "Times of Times" website. India ".

What are the long-term symptoms of corona?


"Long-term Covid" is a term used to define the symptoms people face after a long period of recovery, either they suffer from some permanent damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys, or brain, or they continue to have long-term symptoms, even though no damage can be detected. To these members.

Is long-term corona common among patients?


Earlier in the epidemic, once people recovered from Corona, they believed that they were free of all the symptoms they had experienced.However, over time, long-standing Covid became a common problem among patients after recovery, as chronic symptoms tend to take a heavy toll not only on physical health. For people, but also for their mental health.

According to a survey conducted by Britain's Office for National Statistics, in which about 20,000 people participated, one in 5 survivors reported developing symptoms after five weeks, and at 12 weeks.

In addition, the British team of researchers studying long-term symptoms in Corona patients discovered that long-term Covid was likely to affect women more than men.

Signs that predict long-term covid


Since Corona is a respiratory disease, it makes your lungs more vulnerable to long-term damage, Corona virus has the ability to cause inflammatory changes in the lungs, which can negatively affect lung tissues and bags, leading to severe long-term effects on your health.

 While it is important to understand the time frame it takes for a Corona to become a long COVID scenario, it is also important to identify early signs of a prolonged COVID virus, so that it is dealt with efficiently.

According to the Covid Symptom study conducted by a team of British researchers, "persistent coughing, hoarseness, headache, diarrhea, skipping meals, and shortness of breath in the first week" are early indications of a long-term corona.

1- Persistent cough


Covid-19 disease can cause a persistent cough, which can lead to irritation and inflammation in the respiratory system. A cough caused by corona can last for weeks or months after a corona infection, and it is often accompanied by chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, shortness of breath or pain.

2- Diarrhea


According to the study, the health of the digestive system may also be compromised by the virus, leading to diarrhea as a common symptom and early sign of long-term coronavirus.

3- Loss of appetite


People who recover from Corona may also experience a loss of appetite and an aversion to food, even after recovering from the disease.

 4- Shortness of breath


 If a patient has this type of severe coronavirus symptom, he or she is likely to have long-term complications.

5- A hoarse voice


Sore throats and runny nose have been recognized as symptoms of Corona, which may lead to a hoarse voice if this is the case, and symptoms may persist after recovery as well.