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Lavrov: We will respond to any American attempts to cross "red lines"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed that nothing has changed in Russian-American relations, indicating that any attempts to cross "red lines" will be met with a harsh response.

Lavrov said - in an interview with the Russian agency (Sputnik) - "If Washington does not stop acting from a position of sovereignty, and if it is not ready to talk to Russia, then this is its choice, but any attempts to cross the red lines will be met with a harsh response."

"And if the United States realizes that principles such as respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference in internal affairs and equality in sovereignty, it is not written in vain in the United Nations Charter, and simply fulfills its legal obligations and conducts a dialogue with us, as is the case with any other country ... It was not like that, this is their choice, and then we will live in conditions, either the cold war or even worse. "

Lavrov indicated that Russian President Vladimir Putin said clearly, "We are ready for comprehensive agreements if they meet our interests."