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Jordan confirms Japan's role in supporting the peace process in the Middle East

The Kingdom of Jordan affirmed Japan's active role in enhancing international security and stability, through firm positions on regional issues, foremost of which is the peace process in the Middle East based on the two-state solution, and the support provided by the Japanese government to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to enable it to Continue to carry out its work according to its international mandate.

This came in a speech delivered by Jordan's ambassador to Egypt and its permanent representative to the Arab League, Amjad Al-Adaileh, during the second session of the ministerial meeting for (Arab-Japanese) political dialogue, which was held via video conference.

Al-Adayleh pointed out - as reported by the Jordan News Agency - to the strength of the strategic relationship between the Kingdom and Japan, which is characterized by permanent coordination on various regional and international issues, expressing appreciation for the financial and technical assistance provided by Japan to Jordan and contributing to the implementation of programs aimed at achieving sustainable development goals.

He pointed out that the Corona pandemic demonstrated the fact that the interests of countries are interconnected with each other and the need for their cooperation, as food and health security, ensuring the continuity of supply chains and ensuring the fair distribution of vaccines are very important issues that require activating joint efforts between different countries of the world.