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Iraqi security forces seized explosive belts inside ISIS hideouts in Anbar

 Today, Friday, the Security Media Cell in Iraq announced that it has found hideouts belonging to the terrorist organization ISIS in Anbar Governorate.

The cell said - in a statement reported by Alsumaria News - “A force from the First Division within the Anbar Operations Command and in coordination with the Counter-Terrorism Service, and based on intelligence information, was able to carry out an inspection operation in the north of the Rutba area, deep in the desert, and found a den containing two explosive belts and a bicycle Firearms, and the den and its contents were blown up by the treatment forces. "

The statement added that the squad also conducted another inspection in the area of ​​responsibility and found 3 close dens containing a "laptop tablet", communication devices with batteries, and two mobile devices used for detonation. The dens were blown up after the materials were removed by the squad's treatment forces.