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Iran announces a general closure in 250 cities, including Tehran, for a period of 10 days due to Corona

The National Committee to Combat Corona in Iran announced a general closure in 250 cities, including the capital, Tehran, starting from Saturday for a period of 10 days, against the background of the increasing outbreak of the Corona virus, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said last Saturday, that "the fourth wave of the Corona pandemic has started in two provinces, It is likely to expand to other provinces in the country, in the event of non-compliance with health recommendations, "according to" Russia Today. "

He added, "Iran has witnessed two unprecedented events, the Corona pandemic, economic terrorism and economic warfare during the last three years, and this is unprecedented in the last 100 years."

He continued: "Corona and the economic war have caused many difficulties for the people, who have achieved an acceptable record in this confrontation through solidarity and sacrifice."

He explained that "the government will follow up until the end of its term of office 4 issues, which are combating the Coronavirus, breaking the ban imposed on the country, improving the people's livelihood, and completing important economic projects."

Rouhani pointed to the imminent arrival of the month of Ramadan and its observances, and said: “There is no objection to conducting religious ceremonies in the blue and yellow areas, but they are prohibited in the orange and red areas.