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Head of the Libyan Unity Government: We seek to go beyond the years of war and move towards peace

The head of the Libyan National Unity Government, Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, confirmed today, Saturday, that the Libyans are seeking to move beyond the years of war and move towards peace, adding, "They must be head high."


Dabaiba said - after receiving the dose of the anti-corona virus vaccine today - “Through my visit to the Gulf countries, we announce our openness to the world, as we want peace, and to make the wars that Libya witnessed from the past, so we are working for you, and you have to help us and support us, and there is no need for public speech. Libya with its head held high by work and construction. "


Dabaiba - from within the National Center for Disease Control, according to the Libyan News Africa portal - announced the launch of the Corona virus vaccination campaign, indicating that the Corona vaccination centers will open their doors within the next two days and the vaccines will arrive in succession to Libya.


He added that the Corona vaccine did not come with money, but rather based on the policies of the Libyan state and through contact with more than 10 countries, indicating that the vaccines are secured by the World Health Organization and there is no need to fear and heed the rumors that warn of this vaccine.