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Hazem Imam: The absence of El-Shenawy and Maaloul will affect Al-Ahly .. The summit has other accounts

Hazem Imam, the star of Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, revealed that the absence of Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper and his teammate, Ali Maaloul, from Al-Ahly club due to injury, will greatly affect Al-Ahmar's performance against Zamalek in the summit meeting, scheduled for 9:30 this evening in the postponed round of the fourth week For the league.

Hazem Imam said in statements to the analytical studio of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match on Ontime Sports Channel and presented by Saif Zahir, that the summit matches do not recognize absences, and every meeting has its own circumstances and the stadium is the decider.

The former Jabaliya member added that despite the many absences of Al-Ahly, such as Muhammad Hani, Hamdi Fathy and Ajay, the two players, Muhammad Al-Shennawy and Maaloul, remain the influential ones.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek team prepared well for the position of the summit 121, by entering a closed camp 48 hours before the match and studying the opponent well. In the league, as well as the need to focus throughout the 90's, to position and spread well on the field, and not to leave spaces for the opponent's players.

Betso Mosimani, Al-Ahly's technical director, was keen to direct some special advice to Ahmed Ramadan Beckham before his team's match against Zamalek at the top of the league tonight at Cairo Stadium, which was postponed from the fourth week of the Premier League competition, and how to deal with the tasks of his position because he will play on the most dangerous cards of Zamalek, which is Moroccan Ashraf bin Sharqi.

It is decided that Ahmed Ramadan Beckham will lead the right front for Al-Ahly at the summit 121 due to the injury of Mohamed Hani, the main back, with a strain in the connective muscle, and his absence from the summit camp.

Musimani warned Beckham against losing focus throughout the match, and asked him to remain calm in order to provide a balanced level of defense and offensive, and asked him to deal well with watching Ben Sharqi and when receiving the ball and moving with an emphasis on not leaving space in front of the start.

Musimani was keen to bring oriental milk videos in the penetration and assigned Beckham to follow them so that he could monitor Bin Sharqi well, especially as he is good at playing on the sides and penetrating to the depth as well, which is what Beckham warned of and asked him to focus heavily throughout the match.