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Hamdi Fathy returns to Al-Ahly training after a month

A source inside the Al-Ahly club revealed that Hamdi Fathy, the red team player, will return to participate in his team's group training a month from now, after completing an arm surgery and training inside the gym.


Hamdi Fathi's condition began to improve, and he went into physical exercises in the gymnasium, and then ran to maintain his physical condition so as not to be affected too much by returning to group exercises.

Hamdi Fathi sustained a fracture of the radial bone during the last national team camp and since then has been absent from participating in the matches, and Hamdi Fathy continues to perform the physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises that he performs, on the sidelines of his team's training at Mukhtar Touch Stadium on the island.

Hamdi Fathi goes into physical training in the "gym" and then completes it by running around the field and touching the ball, according to the treatment program that he is subject to. The player underwent successful surgery after suffering an arm injury during his participation with the national team in his last camp, in order to prepare him to return to group training again. .