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Food Safety issues microbiological standards for domestic and imported food products

The National Food Safety Authority issued Board Decision No. 1 of 2021 regarding technical rules binding on microbiological standards for foodstuffs.


The decision stipulates the establishment of binding technical rules and microbiological standards for a group of microorganisms, which include bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, in addition to the executive rules that officials of food establishments must comply with when applying public health measures, and the National Food Safety Authority is committed to ensuring the extent of compliance According to the rules and standards stipulated in these technical rules, as these standards apply to all foods, whether locally produced or imported, as well as to ingredients used in food processing.


The decision included in its second article a set of important definitions, including the definition of (food safety standard), which is intended to be applicable to the products put on the market during the validity period, which determines the acceptability of a product or batch of it or a group of foodstuffs, as well as (microbiological standard) and what is meant by it. The standard that determines the acceptability of a product, group of foodstuffs, or a process based on the presence or absence of a number of microorganisms and based on the amount of toxins or metabolic compounds present in each unit of measurement of mass, volume, area, or number, or based on that Entire.


The decision also included defining a number of terms that included the food establishment, the health standard for production processes, the food group, the shelf life of the product, ready-to-use food, food intended for infants, food prepared for special medical purposes, green plant, colony, sample, representative sample, compliance For microbiological parameters, sample analysis plan, sample unit.


The decision stipulated, in its various articles, to oblige the officials of food establishments to a set of standards and rules that they must adhere to, which includes ensuring the production of foodstuffs, including the supply of raw materials and production requirements used in the production of foodstuffs, that achieve health and safety objectives when conforming to microbiological standards.


The decision obligated the officials of food establishments to analyze the results of the tests by taking appropriate standard measures at the optimum time to correct the course of the production process in order to prevent the occurrence of any microbiological risks that may cause risks to the health of the consumer when mismatched results appear.


The decision included in its eighth article that the National Food Safety Authority review these technical rules on an ongoing basis to keep pace with scientific and technological progress and in anticipation of the emergence of any new pathogenic microorganisms in foodstuffs.