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Food Safety Authority: We are discussing a new concept of legislation with the food industry next Sunday

Dr. Hussein Mansour, Chairman of the Food Safety Authority, said that he will speak during his meeting with food industries companies next Sunday 4 April at the annual meeting of the Chamber of Food Industries about a new concept of legislation, that is, legislation in partnership with the trading party, which includes food industries, especially small and medium-sized companies, in a way that contributes to More positive.


He said in private statements on the sidelines of his meeting with the chambers of commerce, that the authority is looking for technical cadres to work in food safety, saying on the sidelines of his meeting with the chambers of commerce, I hope someone tells me that I have read the authority’s law and food safety, and I can do better if he joins the authority, and here you will rise The Commission with its functions and what it precedes, and it has technical cadres that serve all sectors.


The head of the Food Safety Authority, Dr. Hussein Mansour, said the day before yesterday that technical rules are being drawn up for the limits of pesticides allowed in food soon, and chemical toxins in the environment, such as lead and aflatoxin.


He added that the technical rules for food additives and residues of veterinary medicines in meat, poultry and fish have been finalized, and the rules for microbial limits have been finalized, and thus the five basic pollutants for the food industry have been completed.


On the other hand, Mansour indicated that a strategy for controlling food imports has been completed, and a strategy for the control system for food commodities exports is being developed, and it will be put up for community dialogue with the concerned authorities (the Federation of Chambers and the Federation of Industries) to take their note, give a time period to agree with it and then put it in place. In the form of legal legislation to implement them.