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Felix Brisch manages the Paris Saint-Germain match against Man City in the European Champions League

The UEFA decided to appoint German referee Felix Brisch to manage the French Paris Saint-Germain match against Manchester City, in the first leg of the 2021 UEFA Champions League semi-final matches.

The match between Paris Saint-Germain will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Princes' Park in the French capital, Paris, at nine o'clock in the evening Cairo time.

The German Berch previously managed 4 games for Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, two of which ended with a loss, one victory and a draw.

Referee Berch also managed 5 matches for Manchester City in the Champions League, of which City won in two matches, and suffered 3 defeats.

French Paris Saint-Germain qualified for this role at the expense of Bayern Munich, while Manchester City qualified at the expense of Borussia Dortmund.

Manchester City club hit a date with its French counterpart Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League semi-finals after Borussia Dortmund skipped 4-2 in the quarter-finals after City managed to win back and forth with a score of 2-1, and the quarter-finals of the Champions League semi-finals were completed. Europe for the current season 2020-2021, after Real Madrid and Manchester City qualified to join Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, who had previously qualified.

The European Football Association (UEFA) confirmed that the first-leg match will be at the Princes Park in the French capital on April 27th, and the return match will be at the Etihad Stadium, the stronghold of Citizens on May 5.

Manchester City qualified for the semi-finals after defeating the German team Borussia Dortmund 4-2, after City managed to win back and forth with a score of 2-1, while Paris Saint-Germain advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League at the expense of Bayern Munich, the German defending champion, with a score of 3-3 in The total of the home and away matches, and the Parisian team benefited from the advantage of scoring 3 goals in the Bavarian stronghold, to avenge its defeat in the final of last year.