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Fasting before dieting helps you lose weight and lower your blood pressure

A recent study confirmed that starting a healthy diet may have more benefits if preceded by fasting, as fasting helps improve the environment for beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and the study published in Nature has shown that starting a new diet with a fasting period can increase health benefits.

Researchers from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin examined 71 volunteers with metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure when they embarked on a three-month diet. All participants followed the DASH diet, which is designed to improve blood pressure by focusing on products, whole grains and lean meats. Fats Half of the group started their diet with a five-day fasting period without solid food. The researchers found that while the participants benefited from the diet, the fasting group experienced more positive results for body weight and blood pressure than their non-fasting peers.

"Switching to a healthy diet has a positive effect on blood pressure. If diet is preceded by fasting, this effect increases, and fasting may improve the gut microbiome," said Andres Mayfield, first author of the study and a researcher at the Center for Experimental and Clinical Research in Berlin.

The study found that fasting significantly changes the gut microbiome, the bacteria that live in the digestive system, and the researchers found that beneficial types of bacteria associated with low blood pressure multiplied during fasting.

"Fasting acts as a catalyst for the protective microorganisms in the gut, and it is clear that health improves very quickly, and patients can reduce their medications or even stop taking the tablets altogether," said lead co-author of the study, Sophia Forslund.