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Dallas police prepare for possible protests as a verdict in the George Floyd case approaches

Police in Dallas, USA, is preparing for possible protests after the verdict against Derek Chauvin, the officer accused of killing George Floyd, while the jury has been deliberating for nine hours.

The Dallas Police Department said it is preparing for possible demonstrations after reaching a verdict in Derek Chauvin's trial, stressing that there are currently no credible threats to the city or North Texas area, but police are monitoring events for any potential threats.

"The administration will respect the individuals who express their rights in the First Amendment, and our goal is the peaceful and safe gathering of all individuals who exercise their constitutional rights," the police said.

Although the jurors in Chauven's case have been deliberating since last night, it is not clear exactly when they can reach a verdict, and the jury is now isolated so that its decision is not influenced and they stay in a hotel at night until they reach a verdict.

White House spokeswoman Jane Saki said that President Joe Biden was not seeking to influence Derek Chauvin's trial with his comments on the expected ruling Tuesday, indicating that he felt it was appropriate to consider the trial at this moment because the jury is isolated to deliberate.

Biden told reporters earlier in the Oval Office that he "prays that the verdict is the right one. I wouldn't say that unless the jury was removed now for the verdict."

"As he also indicated, the jury has been removed and that's why he's talking about this, but I expect him to receive more attention - once a verdict has been issued and I will not provide further analysis of what he meant," Sakie said at the daily White House press conference.

Asked if there was a concern that the president's words could add to potential unrest in Minneapolis and around the country if the "correct judgment" was not reached, Saki said that regardless of the outcome, Biden consistently called for peace.

"Our focus, because we are working with the state and local authorities, is to provide a space for peaceful protest, and that will be consistent regardless of the outcome of this ruling," she said.