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Daily Mail: The Indian Corona strain was discovered inside a school in Britain

A report by the British newspaper "Daily Mail" revealed that three cases of the Indian Corona variant were detected in a school in the English city of Leicester, which sparked an exaggerated campaign of tests to discover any possible cases. According to the report, the strain, associated with the explosion in the number of cases in India, was discovered 132 times per day. UK But experts say there will likely be hundreds more.

The Director of Public Health in Leicester, Professor Evan Brown, said that all cases infected with the Indian strain were isolated and traced to contacts, and the school was not named and it is not known whether the cases of the B.1.617 variant were among students or employees.

City council chiefs said the people had traveled before India was added to the British Red List on Friday, but they did not specify whether they had gone to India itself.

Leicester, which has repeatedly been a hotspot for the Covid virus, has the second largest Indian community in England, with a population of about 38,000 people, who make up 28% of the city's population, and the cases in Britain come at a time when India is going through a deep crisis, as a second wave of Corona The burden on hospitals and morgues increased, as injured patients lined up on stretchers in the streets, and officials burned bodies in public parks.

360,000 positive cases were recorded in the past twenty-four hours, along with 3,283 deaths, which is the deadliest day in India due to the epidemic so far.

What is the Indian strain of Corona?

Name B.1.617

When and where was it discovered?

The variant was first reported by the Indian government in late March, but the first cases appear to date back to October 2020, and the chiefs of public health in England said it had been detected in 21 countries as of April 19, and official figures show it had been detected 132 times in Britain.

What mutations does it have?

It contains 13 mutations that distinguish it from the original Corona virus that appeared in China, but the two main types are E484Q and L452R.

Is it more contagious and can it evade vaccines?

The L452R mutation was also found in the B.1.429 Californian variant, although the two developed independently and is thought to make the American strain 20% more contagious.