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Ceramic exporters: Our exports amounted to 144 million dollars in a year

Ceramics manufacturers and exporters renewed their demands for the Commercial Representation Authority and the Ministry of Trade to intervene to remove obstacles facing ceramic exports, including the fees imposed on exporting ceramics to the Syrian market.

Yasser Farouk Mustafa, one of the ceramic exporters, said that the export market is still suffering from Resolution No. 695, which provides for imposing fees of 700 Syrian pounds for every square meter of ceramics imported from Arab countries to the Syrian market, indicating that the decision was issued several years ago. .

Mustafa added, in statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, that ceramics exports can return to 400,000 meters annually, indicating that the total exports to the sector during the year 2020 recorded 144 million dollars, and here the numbers record declines due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and some obstacles Such as the fees imposed by some markets, such as the Syrian market, and require the intervention of the Ministry of Trade.


Yasser Farouk said that the percentage of the local component in the ceramic industry represents between 85 to 90%, which makes it a pure national industry, which must be supported and supported during the coming period, explaining that the export support program could be one of the factors supporting this sector through the inclusion of ceramics. As one of the sectors that receive export support.

The Ceramics Division revealed that Egypt exported ceramics to Syria worth $ 2.5 million during 2020, compared to $ 2.7 million in 2019, a decrease of 6%.