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Britain is considering issuing digital currencies after the Bitcoin market boom

The British authorities are currently studying the possibility of issuing British digital currencies to join the global race to establish central banks for digital currencies. British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said - in statements today, Monday, on the sidelines of his participation in a conference for the financial technology industry - that Britain will launch a work mission in cooperation with the Treasury The British Council and the British Central Bank to coordinate between them regarding the explanatory work that would determine the possibility of establishing a central bank for digital currencies in Britain.


The Bank of England announced - in a separate statement - that "this new form of currency is being issued for household use and for commercial transactions, in addition to using traditional currencies and not as a substitute for them."


It is noteworthy that the British government has not yet decided whether to issue a digital version of the British pound, but it is currently studying the motives and cases of trading these currencies, in addition to the opportunities and risks of using this form of currency.


This news comes against the background of the Bitcoin digital market recovery, where the value of one unit of bitcoin was recorded at a value of $ 64,824, in addition to China conducting tests on issuing a digital copy of the Chinese yuan in major Chinese cities.